Video: Thinking about going to a MN caucus? Here's what to expect


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The Minnesota caucuses are in less than a week – a chance for voters to weigh in on which candidate they would like their party to nominate for president.

Caucuses are sort of complicated, so we wanted to know what questionsyou guys had. We took some of them to Philip Chen – a visiting assistant professor of political science at Macalester College – who was nice enough to give us some answers.

The Minnesota caucuses are at 7 p.m. (though doors generally open a bit earlier) on March 1, – a day known as “Super Tuesday”, as it’s one of 12 states selecting its preferred candidates that day using a caucus or primary.

You can find where you should caucus by going to this site. You only need to be eligible to vote on Election Day to take part – so as long as you're 18 by then, you can go.

There are 38 delegates up for grabs in the state on the GOP side, while the Democrats will be splitting 77 delegates.

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