Video: This Minnesota man travels 6 hours to New York for work each week

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Think your commute is bad?

Well you might feel a little better about your car journey when you hear about super-commuter Ian Bearce.

In fall, the Minneapolis family man published a timelapse video (above) of his six-hour journey to his job in Manhattan – yes, the one in New York – where he works at a visual effects production company.

It is a genuine "planes, trains and automobiles" commute – not to mention buses – as he sets off at 4 a.m. on Monday and doesn't return until late on Friday night.

At the start of every work week, he will drive to Minneapolis-Saint Paul airport, gets a bus to the terminal, flies to New York and then gets a subway train into his place of work.

He told CBS News Monday night that he has spent $13,000 on plane tickets in the past year, but that he and his wife Megan don't expect the cost of their tickets to get lower in spite of the current slump in oil prices.

"It's frustrating," he told CBS. "It would be terrific if we saw a reduction in those ticket prices."

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Bearce first attracted national attention in October, when ABC News reported on him after he recorded his weekly commute using his Go-Pro camera, which has had more than 52,000 views.

His wife Megan is a licensed marriage and family therapist who has written a critically acclaimed book called 'Super Commuter Couples,' using her personal and professional experience to offer guidance to those in similar situations.

Short commutes for most Americans

According to the 2013 National Household Travel Survey by the US Department of Transportation, just 8 percent of Americans travel more than 35 miles to work.

Twenty-­nine percent live within five miles of their workplace, while 22 percent live between six and ten miles away.

The statistics found that last year there were 3.3 million "stretch commuters" in the United States – those whose journey is more than 50 miles one way.

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