Video: This RV demonstrates how not to tackle a roundabout

No, they weren't filming a stunt for a movie.

It's common for people to make mistakes on roundabouts, but this driver pretty much used one as a launching pad.

Surveillance footage captured near a roundabout in Worthington, Minnesota shows an RV blowing through a yield sign, hitting the mound of land in the center of the roundabout and crashing to a halt on the other side.

The video, aptly titled "RV Jumps Roundabout Dukes of Hazzard style," was posted to YouTube this week by user Jeffery Ayers. 

Don't try this at home:

The timestamp on the video says Oct. 29. 

Sgt. Kevin Flynn of the Worthington Police Department told GoMN that "numerous" 911 callers reported the crash that day.

Thankfully, no one was injured. The driver was cited for reckless driving, Flynn said, and there was substantial damage to the RV, landscaping, and a few signs.

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