Video: TV reporter spots suspected bank robber on live TV

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A television reporter covering a robbery in Rochester was involved in what was the definition of "action news" on Tuesday.

KIMT-TV's Adam Sallet was reporting from Sterling State Bank near U.S. Highway 52 North Tuesday morning, when a bank worker came running out of the building and began pointing towards a man across the road, identifying him as the robbery suspect.

Sallet said to the camera: "Oh that's the robber! This is live TV folks that's the robber just went by, according to the bank employee."

He then added: "I gotta go here call 911, I'll talk to you later," before the feed cut back to the studio.

According to the Rochester Post Bulletin, Sallet was reporting from the scene following a robbery at the bank on Monday, but it is appears as though the robber returned to carry out another robbery on Tuesday.

The newspaper notes that Monday's robbery saw a white male in his mid-20s to mid-30s enter when it was empty, handing a teller a note demanding money and indicating he was armed, before leaving with some cash.

Sallet himself reported at around 1 p.m. that the suspect had been apprehended by police.

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