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Video: U of M researchers test brain-controlled drone


It looks like something out of a science fiction movie: a small, robotic helicopter flies through an obstacle course operated only by someone's mind.

That's what biomedical engineering professor Bin He and his team have developed at a University of Minnesota lab.

Using a brain-computer interface technology, a group of students have learned to use their thoughts to steer a drone around a gym, according to the university.

U.S. News and World Report says it's the world's first noninvasive, brain-controlled helicopter.

The device that turns brain waves into commands for a robot will someday allow people robbed of speech and mobility by neurodegenerative diseases paralysis to regain function.

"We invision we'll use this technology to control wheel chairs, artificial limbs or other devices," He, whose lab has been working on brain-computer interfaces for more than 10 years, says in the video (below).

The technology uses an EEG cap versus a chip implanted in the brain.

A report on the technology has been published in the Journal of Neural Engineering.

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