Video: Watch a national reporter check out MN's most flattering Angle

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That's a whole lot of attention for such a small little nub.

"CBS Sunday Morning" did an entire segment on Minnesota's Northwest Angle – that little sticky-uppy bit at the top of the state that juts into Canada.

The segment goes over why the point exists in the first place, what people do up there, and the extensive fishing culture. You can watch the piece above.

Fun facts about the Northwest Angle

– Residents of the Angle threatened to secede in the 1990s and join Canada over fishing regulations.

– It's the northernmost point in the continental United States.

– Creation of the Angle has roots back to the Treaty of Paris in 1783 – 175 years before Minnesota became a state.

– The Northweest Angle State Forest is more than 144,000 acres.

– You can cross the U.S.-Canadian border there ... but have to check in via videophone. They're located at Jim’s corner, the church, or Young’s Bay, and you still need to show proper documentation.

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