Video: We gave Can Can Wonderland's artist-designed mini golf a shot

It's basically a giant playground for adults.

There's an artist-designed mini golf course in St. Paul. It's called Can Can Wonderland and it officially opened Thursday. Naturally, GoMN had to check it out.

When we arrived, we realized it's much more than a golf course: It's basically a giant playground for adults. There are arcade games, pinball machines, and a massive cardboard box fort – the kind you'd dream of playing in as a kid. Not to mention there's a real bar, cereal bar, and an ice cream parlor (yes, you can get that spiked with alcohol).

Now on to the golf course. It was designed by artists and some kids.

For example: Middle-school students came up with the idea to have a hole with a giant spinning tornado.

"Kids know fun more than anyone," CFO Rob Clapp told GoMN.

All the holes are pretty creative. One involves noisy drums, another you have to hit the ball into the air with a baseball bat. Heck, there's even a giant pink furry one that a bartender will serve drinks out of.

Workers tell us they'll keep updating the play area. Soon, the cardboard box maze will make way for a small performance area. The golf course is also expected to change over time.

If you're looking for Can Can Wonderland, it's located in the old American Can Factory on Prior Ave. in St. Paul. For more info, visit its website.

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