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Video: What matters most to young voters in a presidential candidate

From character to health insurance costs, we asked young voters what matters most to them in choosing a presidential candidate.

In an election where many millennials simply don't like the presidential candidates and 52 percent of voters are stressing out, who do you vote for?

GoMN caught up with some young voters in Minneapolis who echoed that disapproval.

"It's literally reality TV, it's awful," one said.

We chatted with several people who are voting for one of the first times and asked them what matters most when it comes to picking a candidate.

One first-time voter said it all boils down to the candidates' values, like "honesty and transparency."

Character and integrity are important too, a second-time voter said.

"Telling the truth and standing behind it, and both candidates this year haven't shown that," he explained. "But what do you do? You just look for the best candidate who's the closest to being a man or woman of integrity."

Another said it's all about "change," adding: "I'm ready to get rid of all politicians. Start over fresh."

For others, specific issues were the determining factors in who they've decided to vote for.

"The two most important issues for me were the acknowledgment of the Black Lives Matter movement and the push for minimum wage being raised to $15 an hour," a third-time voter said.

Another third-time voter said women's reproductive rights are what's most important to her. "I don't think a bunch of old white men in Washington should be dictating a woman's rights."

One first-time voter said immigration is what matters most. "I don't think it reasonable to shut [illegal immigrants] out. It's not feasible."

"My health insurance went up 55 percent," another man said. "I need change."

An important election

Even though many young voters said they weren't particularly happy with either candidate, they mostly seemed to agree that it's especially important to vote.

Person after person explained how they thought there was much more at stake if the other candidate (whether it be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump) gets in.

Out of the 13 people we spoke to, two said they didn't plan on voting because they simply can't stand behind a candidate.

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