Video: Wisconsin lumberjack pulls milk can off bear's head


It was like a real-life version of the claw arcade game for a Wisconsin logger who used a forwarder machine to pull an old milk can off a black bear's head.

Darby Simpson told WEAU that her boyfriend, Garrett Smith, found the struggling bear in a Rice Lake, Wisconsin, cornfield a few weeks ago.

Smith got permission from the landowner to go into the field and use the claw of a forwarder machine to take the can off the bear's head.

The landowner filmed the rescue (watch the video above), which shows a few failed attempts at grabbing the can before Smith gets hold of it, picking the bear up off the ground slightly. The bear then wiggles out of the can and runs away.

In the video, Smith and the landowner agreed that taking the can off the bear's head went "like clockwork."

The video was uploaded to YouTube on Sunday, and by Monday morning it already had over 285,500 views.

This is hardly the first time an outdoorsman has rescued a bear. Last year, a group of anglers on Lake Mille Lacs brought a bear to shore that was struggling to stay afloat.

Watch the video from that rescue:

In March, a biologist with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission dove into the Gulf of Mexico to rescue a 6-foot-tall black bear. KIKN and Fish and Game say the bear was at risk of drowning because he had been tranquilized before wandering into the ocean.

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