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View through Google's Glass coming into focus


The future seems to be getting a little closer.

And the folks at Google think the best way to touch it may be with your voice, rather than your hands.

They gave the world a closer look at their development of a voice-activated, Internet-connected headset. The product is called Glass and Google's video makes the view look pretty rosy:

According to Google, Glass will allow users to search the web, take photos or videos, exchange messages, and otherwise control their technological domain using voice activated commands. The New York Daily News reports the magic words are "OK Glass...".

Google announced the project last year but Wednesday's update offered more details. The Verge noted, for example, that a feature allowing users to translate languages is a new addition.

Glasses help us see where we're going and ABC is impressed with the navigational tool that brings up a 3D image in the corner of the glasses.

Google hopes to launch the product early next year. But as NPR reports, the company will sell 8,000 of them to the winners of a contest being held to collect ideas for uses. If they get all googly about your 50-word explanation of what you would do with Glass, you could win the right to pay $1,500 for an early version.

Get it in by the end of February, though. The future is that close.

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