Viral video captures employees fighting with woman outside MN Burger King

The video's gone viral with over 63,000 views.

A Labor Day weekend incident at a Minnesota Burger King is being talked about across social media, thanks to a viral video uploaded by a Facebook user.

The footage, from Qaib Reader, appears to show two employees in a physical fight with a customer outside the restaurant, and at least one worker can be seen kicking the woman as she lies on the ground and lashes out:

As of this writing, the video has over 63,000 views. 

So what happened?

St. Paul Sgt. Mike Ernster told GoMN the fight happened Monday at the Burger King on Maryland Avenue East in St. Paul, just northeast of the Payne-Phalen neighborhood.

The woman had apparently caused a scene inside the restaurant, aggressively demanding food, and using "vulgar, fighting type language" with employees, police said.

When denied food, Ernster said, the woman "became angry and began to hit windows and objects in the store," at which point employees physically removed her and locked her outside.

When police eventually showed up, they found the woman banging on the drive-up window. An officer approached her, but "the conversation she was having with the officer was not based in reality," Ernster remarked.

They managed to get her to a hospital for evaluation "without incident."

"Contact information was left for the woman at the hospital if she wanted to provide her side about what happened for further investigation," Ernster added.

In other words, it's not clear at this point whether any criminal charges will be pursued. 

As for the employees' side of the story, the Pioneer Press tried speaking to a manager at the Burger King, but was told that "we’re not talking about what happened.”

GoMN has reached out to Burger King's corporate headquarters for comment. 

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