Viral video: Wild turkey chases UPS driver

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Staffers at a University of Minnesota hospital recorded a funny scene outside their window Tuesday, and sent the footage to WCCO (see it below).

The video, which had more than 100,000 views on YouTube just two days after it was posted, shows a funny scene on the sidewalk, in which a wild turkey chases a frustrated UPS driver around a FedEx truck.

Was the foul-mood fowl in fact sent by FedEx to slow the competition? WCCO's Jason DeRusha speculates that the gobbler was irked that it did not get an expected Christmas delivery.

Insert your own funny line here.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has a few tips for dealing with aggressive jakes, and notes, "As both the human and turkey populations expand in Minnesota it is only natural to expect that increasing interactions will occur, some of them negative."

The restoration of the wild turkey in the last 25 years is one of Minnesota's greatest conservation success stories, the DNR says. But tell that to this guy:

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