Vita.Mn 'beer geeks' pick best brewed-in-Minnesota six-pack


For the second year, Vita.Mn rounded up some of the state's top self-identified beer geeks to select the best of the shelf for this year's Six-Pack.

The lucky five-person panel of judges included experts who write, blog and publish about beer, Rules for the six-pack selection: all of the beers had to be widely and currently available in stores. Beers chosen in last year’s Hall of Fame beers were retired from consideration.

The contents of the Six-Pack includesSchell’s Firebrick, Brau Brothers Moo Joos, Steel Toe Dissent, Bent Paddle 14° ESB, Summit Saga. The final choice, Life Bridge Hop Dish, was the Reader's Choice.

You can march around your favorite liquor store mixing and matching, or find all of the the selections collected in container at Surdyk's for $10.99. The 2014 Six-Pack is exclusively available at Surdyk’s Liquor & Cheese Shop, 303 E. Hennepin Av., Mpls.

(Last year's Vita.Mn Six-Pack included Summit Extra Pale Ale, Grain Belt Premium, Steel Toe Size 7, Schell’s Pils and Bent Paddle Black Ale. Surly Furious was the choice of readers.)

Want more beer news and expert opinions about what's worth drinking? There are numerous sources that cover the local brewing scene, including reviews of new offerings, tap rooms and plans for what's on tap. The Growler magazine covers beer, food and culture. carries a list of upcoming beer events. Minnesota Beer Activists includes information about how the industry is regulated and zoned.

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