VP candidate Tim Kaine lists Replacements classic as favorite album


You might have read on Friday that Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton's running mate, was born right here in Minnesota – St. Paul to be exact.

Well, even though the Virginia senator wasn't raised in the Land of 10,000 lakes, his musical taste certainly stayed here.

Trawling through the back catalogue of Virginia DJ Chris Bopst, Style Weekly found a couple of illuminating tidbits about the possible future vice president.

During an interview he gave to Bopst in 2006, Kaine revealed that his two favorite artists are Minnesota's own Bob Dylan and The Replacements.

As he spoke with Bopst about Dylan, expressing his love for "Buckets of Rain," Bopst brought up The Replacements and Kaine cited their seminal classic "Let It Be" as one of his favorite albums.

His choice of band surprised Bopst, who told Pitchfork: "It was very real. It was not calculated at all. He was surprised because he was calling a soul radio station, so when I said Dylan and the Replacements, he was like, ‘Really?’ He didn’t have advance time to plan it out—it just came up. He wasn’t pandering."

Replacements biographer Bob Mehr said that if elected, Kaine would be the first Replacements fan to serve as vice president, Pitchfork notes.

We're not saying that's a reason to vote Democrat, but we can't see Donald Trump's Republican running mate Mike Pence's favorite band being quite as cool.

That said, Pence does like bacon and Moose Tracks ice cream, so that's in his favor.

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