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Walker finds 'radioactive' canister near shores of Lake Superior


A person walking near the shores of Lake Superior got a shock on Wednesday when they came across a mysterious canister branded with the words "Caution – Radioactive Material."

The deck-of-cards-sized container was found near the mouth of the Poplar River, east of Superior, Wisconsin, by a walker who immediately called the emergency services, according to a U.S. Coast Guard press release.

Initial responders from the Coast Guard and Superior Fire Department determined the box wasn't emitting any radioactive material, and the case was passed on to the Wisconsin National Guard Civil Support Team and Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) for further investigation.

The two organizations found no evidence of radiation coming from the surrounding area, and confirmed the object was not a hazard to the public. It's been removed by the DHS for proper disposal.

"Our swift mobilization of local, state and federal resources for this response reinforced our unified effort to address potential threats to public safety, especially on the eve of the Duluth Tall Ships Festival, a historically well-attended public event," said Cmdr. Erin Williams, commanding officer of Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit Duluth.

Anyone who spots something suspicious and unusual are urged to call their local emergency services, with the Coast Guard saying: "Informed, alert communities play a critical role in keeping our nation safe through their vigilance."

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