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Wall Street Journal spotlights Winona art museum's 'marvels'


Tucked along the Mississippi River in southeast Minnesota, Winona is a destination for the picturesque bluffs that define the area.

But it's also got a pretty baller art museum.

The Wall Street Journal sent writer Judith Dobrzynski to Winona to write about the Marine Art Museum, launched 10 years ago as a way to help make the city a "nationally recognized center for arts and culture," its website says.

The museum made the news last year when it scored one of the original versions of “Washington Crossing the Delaware” for its permanent collection.


That's one of the pieces highlighted by the Wall Street Journal as an example of an acquisition that made some noise in the arts community (the other being Martin Johnson Heade’s “The Great Florida Sunset”). The story also name-drops some of the bigger artists to appear in the collection; Claude Monet, Georgia O’Keeffe, Stuart Davis, Vincent van Gogh among them.

The story gives the museum props for some of the "marvels" it has on display, as well as the "spacious, dramatically lighted" permanent spaces. It finishes:

"The Minnesota Marine Art Museum is a tranquil place, given to art that calms rather than stirs; there’s room for that idiosyncratic approach in the nation’s museum landscape."

The museum is a nonprofit, and open Tuesday through Sunday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. An address and prices are here. You can also view its current collection here.

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