Walmart wants to deliver groceries directly to your fridge

It's the latest attempt to regain lost ground from Amazon.

While Target is busy trying to beat Amazon, its chief big-box rival is one-upping the rest of the competition with straight-to-your-fridge food deliveries. 

Yep, you read that right. 

Walmart announced on Friday that it's working with companies like August Home to develop the groundbreaking delivery system, which will allow a driver to enter your home while you're away, stock your fridge, and move on to the next call.

The Arkansas-based retailer says it's testing the service in Silicon Valley, "with a small group of August Home customers" who have all "opted-in" to the new concept.

If it sounds kinda creepy and intrusive, don't worry, the company says. According to an explanation of how the service works, the homeowner "is in control of the experience the entire time," and can use an app to watch the whole delivery process through security cameras.

The delivery driver will be given a "one-time passcode," which is pre-authorized by the homeowner and works with the home's "smart-lock" to let the driver inside, Walmart says.

And once the food is in your fridge and the delivery driver is on the road, you can even get confirmation that they locked your door on the way out.

If you're wondering when you can sign up for this new service (or avoid it altogether), a Walmart spokesperson tells the Washington Post it's "not clear how long the current test would last."

So, don't hold your breath. Yet.

Retail wars heating up

Walmart's initiative is the latest shot in an ongoing (and intensifying) war between big-box retailers and Amazon.

It follows Amazon's recent buyout of Whole Foods, and coincides with an announcement that the online retailer will be working with restaurant chains to deliver food, Reuters says

Minnesota-based Target has also deployed numerous tactics to regain lost ground from the dot-com giant, including offering a same-day delivery service that rivals similar options for Amazon Prime members.

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