Walter Mondale hospitalized with the flu, Jimmy Carter says


Former Vice President Walter Mondale was admitted to a hospital at Mayo Clinic in Rochester for treatment of the flu, the Pioneer Press reports.

Mondale, 87, was scheduled to introduce his old boss, former President Jimmy Carter, at a speech in Minneapolis Friday.

But the Pioneer Press says Carter opened his remarks by saying he had just spoken with Mondale by phone and "He told me to tell everyone that he is doing well."

According to the newspaper, Carter explained that Mondale was at Mayo for a physical exam when doctors found he had the flu and decided to keep him at the hospital.

It's been nearly 40 years since Carter selected Mondale – then a U.S. Senator from Minnesota – to join him on the Democratic presidential ticket. After one term in the White House, Carter and Mondale lost to Ronald Reagan in the presidential races of 1980 and '84, respectively.

Just over one year ago, Carter was in Minneapolis to help eulogize Joan Mondale, who died at age 83. She and Walter Mondale were married for 58 years.

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