Want a free burrito? Chipotle is offering a 'raincheck' for customers

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Chipotle is offering customers a "raincheck" if they missed out on enjoying a burrito Monday, when stores nationwide closed for a few hours so employees could attend a food safety meeting.

All you have to do is text the word "raincheck" to 888-222 before 5 p.m. Monday. Then, Chipotle says it will text you back within 10 days (we tried it, it only took about 15 minutes) with a link to enter your information for a free burrito.

After providing your first and last name and zip code, Chipotle says it will text you a free burrito in the next few days. (See image at right.)

The Associated Press calls this a sort of "peace offering" for customers because stores were closed for a few hours on Monday.

The popular burrito joint temporarily shutdown its restaurants to educate employees on food safety procedures. The meetings follow several public health outbreaks that were linked to Chipotle, including a salmonella outbreak linked to tomatoes sickened 45 people in Minnesota and two outbreaks caused by norovirus.


At the meeting, employees were urged to stay home if they're sick, the AP notes, and were also told of procedural changes on how to wash hands and marinate meat, among other thingsClick here to read live tweets from the employee safety meetings.

Chipotle isn't the only Mexican restaurant offering people a deal. If you still have to get your Mexican food fix on Monday, Freshii is offering a 50 percent off discount on their Mexican-inspired menu items.

The restaurant chain aims to provide fresh, nutritious meals to people on the go. There are just five Freshii locations in Minnesota – three in Minneapolis, one in Bloomington and one in Edina.

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