Want cheap gas? Head to Rochester


The average price for a gallon of gas in Minnesota is way cheaper than it was a year ago – but if you're in Rochester, you're in the best shape.

Statewide, the AAA Fuel Gauge report says Minnesotans are forking over an average of $2.52 for a gallon of regular gasoline. That's about 15 cents less than a month ago, and below the current national average of about $2.62.

However, if you focus on the state's metro areas, like AAA does here, you'll notice Rochester stands alone:

  • Duluth-Superior – $2.50
  • Minneapolis-St. Paul – $2.52
  • St. Cloud – $2.55
  • Rochester – $2.24

After that, glance at Minnesota Gas Buddy for the lowest reported prices throughout the state, and you see Rochester pumps make up the entire top 15.

The leader is a Costco on the 2000 block of Commerce Drive, at $2.10 a gallon. Right behind that, there's a Kwik Trip, Fleet Farm and Sinclair at $2.20 a gallon.

A week ago, the average price in Rochester was $2.60 for a gallon, which was basically in line with the rest of the state's metro areas.

Of course, people in Rochester are OK with that.

The Post-Bulletin spoke with a resident filling up at the pump, who was "happy for sure" the prices there have plummeted recently.

The paper says lower crude oil prices and increased production, coupled with some localized refinery issues getting sorted out, are the cause of the drop.

Compared to the rest of the U.S., Minnesota as a whole is in a pretty good spot, with residents paying less on average than in most other states.

AAA said at the start of August gas prices were falling at their fastest rate since January, and they could get even lower after Labor Day when people start taking fewer road trips.

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