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Warren Buffett calls to thank Hopkins DQ worker for act of kindness


A teenage manager's act of kindness at the Hopkins Dairy Queen he works at has caught the attention of billionaire philanthropist Warren Buffett, WCCO-TV reports.

Joey Prusak has been making headlines after word spread that he gave a blind customer $20 out of his own pocket after seeing a woman steal a $20 bill the customer dropped on the floor.

Prusak said he got about 40 calls from different people and media outlets throughout the day Thursday – including one from Buffett – whose company owns Dairy Queen.

Buffett talked with Prusak about 10 minutes, and according to the teen, said, "I just wanted to call and thank you for all that you did. It means a lot to me."

Fox 9 reports that Buffett also invited Prusak -- a 19-year-old studying business administration -- to an investor's conference in Texas next May.

Prusak didn't give the customer his money to get attention. Instead, word of his actions spread on on social media after an anonymous email another customer sent to Dairy Queen corporate was posted online.

According to reports, Prusak -- who has been working at the DQ since 8th grade -- saw the regular customer with limited sight drop a $20 bill on the floor and a woman pick it up. But instead of giving the money back to the customer as he expected, the woman put the money in her purse.

Prusak reportedly confronted the woman about taking the money, but she denied it so he said he wouldn't serve her. Prusak said he gave $20 to the customer without his knowledge of the incident because it was "the right thing to do."

Fox 9 says several strangers have stepped up to give him $20 bills – but he won't keep any of it because it doesn't feel right. Instead, he'll donate the money to charity.

Another person thanking Prusak is Dairy Queen CEO John Gainor, who told WCCO that what the teen did "put smiles on the faces of a lot of people, not only our customers but as we’re hearing, people around the world."

See WCCO's report on Prusak's call from Buffet below.
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