Waseca couple joins in on 'Hidden Cash' frenzy, hides money around town

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A Waseca, Minnesota, couple is hiding envelopes of money around the city in an effort to give back to their community – and create a little adventure.

This "Hidden Cash" trend started with a California real estate investor. He hides money in different cities around the U.S. and announces clues to its location on Twitter. Most recently, @HiddenCash was in New York's Central Park, and according to a tweet, he'll be dropping cash in Chicago on Sunday.

Since the "Hidden Cash" frenzy began, several copycat scavenger hunts have popped up around the nation, including in Fargo, North Dakota, and now in Waseca.

“Well, it wasn’t just about leaving cash. We thought, what a great way to have some fun and get people out to explore their own city,” one of the donors, who wants to remain anonymous, told WCCO.

The couple sends out clues on Twitter using the account @WasecaCash and also posts clues to the Waseca Hidden Cash Facebook page. All they ask is that the lucky person who finds the envelope tweet a smiling photo to @WasecaCash.

The amounts in the envelopes range from $20 to $100, KEYC reports, and the couple plans to keep hiding money until they get bored.

“Hopefully people spend the money on their friends and family and spend it in the local community,” the donor told WCCO.

There's another cash drop scheduled for Sunday:

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