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Did the Washington Post whiff on Target Field in its ballpark rankings?

Seems a bit low to us even though it's on par with past rankings.


That's where the Washington Post's collection of sports/baseball enthusiasts ranked Target Field in its MLB ballpark rankings. The writer of the rankings, Thomas Boswell, claims Target Field would've ranked higher had it been built with a waterfront view.

"Devoted, dome-suffering Twins fans deserve this lovely park. Minneapolis appreciates architecture and the downtown views beyond right field are excellent. I walked the parks and environs for two days at the All-Star Game and while I liked it a lot, I’m biased against parks where high, steep grandstands wrap around too much of the outfield, making the experience a bit enclosed, claustrophobic from too many seats. The Warehouse District is a plus. But the 10 blocks to the Mississippi River means there’s no real waterfront connection. So, the Anacostia Riverwalk, which starts 250 feet from the Nationals Park right-field foul pole, and panoramic upper deck views in D.C., broke a deadlock with Target Field."

The 12 teams with ballparks ahead of Target Field:

  1. Pirates
  2. Giants
  3. Red Sox
  4. Orioles
  5. Dodgers
  6. Cubs
  7. Yankees
  8. Cardinals
  9. Mariners
  10. Phillies
  11. Padres
  12. Nationals

Of course, this is a list of collective opinions, but 13th feels really low for a ballpark that continuously is praised locally and nationally. At the end of the day this list might better speak to the wonderful – and growing – list of superb ballparks in Major League Baseball.

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