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Watch 24 seconds unfold in super slow motion with OK Go's new video

OK Go went with the high FPS slow motion video for its newest video.

Credit: OK Go, YouTube

OK Go's video arealwaysfuntolookat, whether you care about the music or not.

And the band is back at it again, with the recent release of "The One Moment" video.

What's the deal this time? Well it's basically a few seconds of colorful stuff exploding, but slowed down with the magic of high FPS recording. So you get that super smooth, almost-tranquil slo-mo action that can be really fun to play with on iPhones.

So check out that video above.

The band has a bunch of behind-the-scenes stuff on how it was made, including this interview with Damian Kulash Jr., the director and band's vocalist.

The video sequence, all in real-time, is about 24 seconds – the first 75 percent of it is actually 4.2 seconds long but is slowed down, then there's 16 seconds of regular-speed lip syncing and a three second slo-mo finale. The sections are different speeds, but always constant.

"When the guitars explode, we are 200x slower than reality (6,000 frames per second), but Tim and Andy’s short bursts of lip sync (Tim twice and Andy once) are only 3x slower than real life (90 frames per second)," Kulash Jr. said. "The watermelons are around 150x, and the spray paint cans are a little over 60x."

It was all done with digital triggers and a "motherf**ker of a spreadsheet" that was 25 columns wide, 400 rows long, and timed every event, he explained.

If you're more of a visual person, there are behind-the-scenes videos too on their YouTube page, including this one:

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