Watch: Big Sean and Migos ride for 'Sacrifices'

Migos and Big Sean's powers combine with some of the most infectious flows this year!

Year of the Migos continues with Big Sean debuting his own Migos flow on 'Sacrifices!'

One of the most infectious elements of Migos' music, is their unique signature vocal performances. Instantly recognizable, it's a big reason why "Raindrop / drop top," a couplet that would be dead in the water from any other rap artist, is the biggest hip-hop call-and-response this decade. Many artists have attempted it, but Big Sean comes the closest to nailing it on his new Migos collaboration, "Sacrifices."

The video fits in aesthetically with Sean's recent sleek Japanese-neon motif, and Migos slide in that lane perfectly. Sean holding his own here is akin to Biggie standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony on Life After Death's "Notorious Thugs."

If this isn't enough Migos for you, check out their performance with Katy Perry this past weekend from Saturday Night Live's season finale.

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