Watch: Bizarre noise stops tennis match, but unfazed announcer plays on

You've never seen a sporting event come to a halt like this one.

In what has to be the strangest stoppage of play in the history of sports, unexpected noises caused a laughable delay during a tennis match in Sarasota, Florida, on Tuesday.

“I can still hear it. It’s still going,” Sarasota Open announcer Mike Cation said, describing the disruption.

At first, Cation thought a fan's phone was the culprit. The sound stopped, people laughed and the tennis players resumed play. But less than a minute later, play stopped again.

"I still hear it. It's still going," Cation said. "What is going on?"

Frances Tiafoe, one of the players (tennis, not apartment) yelled out: "It can't be that good!"

"No, that's not a phone. That is... that's an apartment across the lake," said Cation. "Oh my God."

"At least somebody's having a good night."

The stoppages occur at the :15 and 1:50 marks in the video (NSFW).

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