Watch: Empire of the Sun go 'High and Low' on Fallon

They got theatrical. New album due Oct. 28.
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Aussie electronic wizards Empire of the Sun write such effortlessly catchy music that it's easy to forget the band dresses like a futuristic Kung Fu movie and refers to one another as "Lord" and "Emperor."

Empire of the Sun's theatrical glory was in full effect last night on The Tonight Show for a performance of their new hit single, "High and Low."

Emperor Luke Steele and Lord Nick Littlemore brought along a little help for their forthcoming 3rd LP, Two Vines, enlisting names like former Prince collaborator Wendy Melvoin, Fleetwood Mac's Lindsey Buckingham, and a few players from David Bowie's Blackstar backing band.

Two Vines drops October 28 on Astralwerks.

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