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Watch: Even President Donald Trump calls Target 'Tarjay'

Everybody's called Target "Tarjay" at some point, right?

The CEOs of Target and Best buy met with President Donald Trump Wednesday morning, as part of a listening sessions with some of America's retail industry leaders.

We'll have more on what they actually spoke about in a story later. But this funny clip of the president doing the "Tarjay" pronunciation is worth sharing now.

Trump was going around the table, as each CEO introduced him or herself. He gets to Target's CEO:

"Brian Cornell with Target," Cornell says.

And a second later, the president replies: "Tarjay, right?"

Cornell smiles, a few people chuckle, and Trump moves on.

It's at about the 25:51 mark of this Facebook live video. And NBC's Bradd Jaffy posted video from that network's feed on Twitter.

It was a fun, lighthearted moment at the start of the meeting.

"Tarjay," if somehow you're not familiar, is the joke pronunciation when you want to make Target sound super fancy. There's even an Urban Dictionary entry, so you know it's official.

It's also not new, and even one of the original Target leaders knew about it.

Bloomberg had a story when Founding President Douglas Dayton died, where Dayton recalled customers using the "Tarjay" pronunciation way back in 1962 at the Duluth location.

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