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If the name "Extreme Sandbox" rings a bell, it could be because you saw founder Randy Stenger pitch his business on "Shark Tank."

Stenger was offered $150,000 for 20 percent of its business from billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and Canadian businessman Kevin O'Leary.

They recognized the uniqueness of his venture, which lets customers drive bulldozers, excavators and wheel loaders around a 10-acre "sandbox" near Hastings, Minnesota – with some packages allowing you to "duel" with your friends, and even destroy a car.

BringMeTheNews producer Adam Uren (Hey, that's me!) went to Hastings to try out an excavator and bulldozer under Stenger's watchful eye – and you can watch me picking up cars and balancing a 20-ton 'dozer in the video above.

Extreme Sandbox has proven a big hit since it opened, with business exploding – including a 20,000 percent increase in web traffic – when Stenger's appearance on Shark Tank aired in January.

Its first franchise recently opened near Dallas, with interest expressed in more opening across the country.

As experiences go, it's one for a special occasion as it's not cheap (unsurprisingly, considering how it must cost to lease these phenomenally expensive machines). Individual packages range from $195 for an hour-and-a-half to $895 for a seven-hour adventure.

A big part of its success has come from its corporate packages, with the site able to cater for large groups of anything up to 100, offering team building adventures and social gatherings for Minnesota and Wisconsin businesses.

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