Watch: 'Idiot on a bicycle' ignores red light, rides right into traffic

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Bikers tend to dislike drivers, drivers tend to dislike bikers – but we think both would agree this guy is an idiot.

Dashcam footage taken by the driver following shows the biker ride into traffic coming from the right side at the intersection of Hennepin Ave. and 12th Street in downtown Minneapolis.

Despite ignoring the red light, the biker made it through without injury thanks to drivers stopping so he could cross the intersection.

The video was dated May 19 but was only uploaded onto YouTube on Friday by the user jocker12, who also shared it on Reddit under the title "Idiot on a bicycle runs into oncoming traffic on 12th St."

Needless to say the response on Reddit was not polite, with one commenting that he "gives us other cyclists a good name."

Others criticized his cycling and his "man bun," with one commenter saying: "As a cyclist and a person with hair, I disavow this individual."

It is pointed out that the driver following the biker is not exactly perfect either.

The start of the video shows them driving straight through the Hennepin intersections with 10th and 11th streets in the right lane, which is designated as being primarily for bikers, buses and right-turns, according to the City of Minneapolis.

That said, they didn't offend traffic laws quite as much as the biker who went into the intersection on a red light and carried out a left turn from the right lane.

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