Watch: Kyle and Lil Yachty bring 'iSpy' to Kimmel

XXL Freshman Kyle literally crowd surfs on one of the year's best televised performances.

One of the most controversial XXL Freshman picks puts critics to bed with great Kimmel performance.

Last night, Kyle took the stage of Jimmy Kimmel Live! to have fun in the sun with Lil Yachty and their hit "iSpy." Kyle's turn on-stage was nothing less than star-making.

While the radio version of "iSpy" finds Kyle highlighting the track's melodies, resulting in him often unfairly pigeonholed as "mumble rap," hearing him do the track with no backing vocals on Kimmel was some real MC showcasing, emphasizing his rhymes and crowd control to such a degree than even when the man of the hour Lil Yachty comes out for his verse, the eyes are still on Kyle.

In the proud tradition of Prof, Kyle ended the performance by literally crowd-surfing and he took the stage's surfboard over the crowd and turned his summer swag on. Even the most jaded hip-hop fan has to smile at such a moment. If not that, then Kimmel's introduction should provide some giggles as the late night host sounds like he chastising an indignant child when he yells "KYLE!"

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