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Watch live at 8 p.m. – President Trump's first speech to Congress

This is not technically a State of the Union speech, but it's similar.

President Donald Trump will be giving his first official address to U.S. representatives and senators on Tuesday night.

The speech will be in the U.S. Capitol's House chambers. He's following previous presidents in not doing an official State of the Union his first year in office, instead giving the address to a joint session of Congress.

Are those technically very different? Not really. State of the Union addresses are also given in front of a joint session of Congress. But CNN notes State of the Unions are usually used to reflect on the past year in office, which is hard to do if you just got there.

Trump, according to the White House, will "communicate his vision for the future of the country directly to the American people as he moves forward with his plans to take on the many challenges facing this nation." So expect a lot of talk about things he wants to get done.

It starts at 8 p.m. CST. It'll be on all the major TV networks (ABC, CBS, C-SPAN, Fox, NBC, PBS, Univision, all the cable news channels). It's also being live streamed. Here's the official White House Facebook feed:

President Trump Addresses the Joint Session of Congress

Join us LIVE as President Donald J. Trump addresses the Joint Session of Congress.

Posted by The White House on Tuesday, February 28, 2017

You can also check out Twitter and PBS' joint live stream, or NBC's YouTube feed.

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