Watch live: Third baby eaglet enters the world

The popular eagle family in Decorah, Iowa is celebrating the arrival of all three baby eaglets. You can watch the family of five right here ...

Streaming video by Ustream

The famous Decorah, Iowa eagles welcomed their third newcomer early Saturday morning. Two other baby eaglets hatched earlier this week.

You can follow along with the Raptor Resource Project on Facebook.

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Young Minnesota eaglet rescued from nest

Thousands of devoted viewers have been following the young raptor on the Minnesota Bound eagle cam in central Minnesota. Observers noticed the eaglet wasn't moving and later discovered its wing was trapped. Friday afternoon an expert from the Raptor Center was allowed to safely free the eaglet.

Eagle hatch watch in full gear at Decorah nest cam

Wildlife experts behind the popular eagle nest cam near Decorah, Iowa say the first chick may hatch soon. It usually takes up to two days for a chick to pick its way out of the egg. Last year 200 million people around the world watched the baby eagles emerge.

Iowa eagles welcome second egg Monday night

A pair of eagles whose nest is under the watchful gaze of millions of Internet users are back on their nest. The hen laid one egg on Friday and a second late Monday. The pair gained fame last year by hatching and raising two eaglets in front of the tree-mounted camera.

Bald eagles start spring migration back to Minnesota

The birds are moving home in large numbers over the next few weeks, and “it’s definitely time for folks to keep their eyes out," says a DNR specialist. Wildlife experts say eagles are migrating a little earlier than usual, likely because of the mild winter.