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Watch: Marco Scandella is really good at Hammerschlagen

Four Wild players tried their best at the classic game.

Erik Haula, Marco Scandella, Devan Dubnyk and Matt Dumba of the Wild participated in a fierce game of Hammerschlagen on

If you're not familiar with Hammerschlagen, it's a game – mostly affiliated with drinking – where people circle up around a stump of wood and try to flush a nail into the surface.

The first person to whack the nail below the surface of the wood, wins. If you've ever participated in an Oktoberfest celebration, you've probably either seen or played the game.

Scandella prevailed against his teammates, while Dumba and Haula really struggled. The video was sponsored by Michelob Golden Light as part of their Only in Minnesota campaign.

It turns out a Minnesota company was able to register Hammer-Schlagen as a trademark from the United States Patent And Trademark Office.

The company, based out of North St. Paul, even offers a booking service – that's nationwide – where they will come to you and set up the equipment, explain the rules, then tear down the materials.

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