Watch: This new tiger cub at the Minnesota Zoo is impossibly cute

And it will eventually be lethal, but let's not worry about that right now.

The Minnesota Zoo has given us the first look at its newest addition: an endangered Amur tiger cub that is just impossibly cute.

Now of course, this tiger cub will grow up to be a lethal (albeit majestic) predator, but for now all you can do is gush at the picture and video released by the zoo that shows her suckling on a milk bottle.

His mother, Sundari, gave birth to her first cub on the evening of Wednesday, Apr. 26.

It's the first time an Amur tiger cub has been born at the zoo since 2012, when Sundari was herself born in June of that year.

It's a boost for the Amur population, which is an endangered species that once roamed in great numbers in the Russian far east, China and the Korean peninsula. But by the 1940s their numbers had dwindled to just 40 in the wild because of excessive hunting, the WWF says.

By the 1980s numbers had recovered to around 500, although poaching continued after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Its population has been kept stable at around 540 thanks to conservation efforts.

Since opening in 1978, more than 4o tiger cubs have been born at the zoo. Its tigers are exhibited in the zoo's Northern Trail.

You'll be able to check out more footage of the cub soon, with the Minnesota Zoo expected to launch a webcam.

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Zookeepers in Apple Valley are raising the endangered Amur Tiger cub because her mom wasn't showing much interest in her. In fact, two cubs were born last week but only one survived the first few days. It's the zoo's first tiger birth in eight years.