Watch: Plouffe thanks Twins Territory for their support over the years

Plouffe: 'I'll always be a Twin.'
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On Friday the Twins released veteran third baseman Trevor Plouffe from the active roster making him a free agent.

The Twins Opening Day third baseman for the past four seasons took to Twitter on Saturday to thank all the Twins fans for their support over the years.

Plouffe mentioned how grateful he was for the patience over the years, as he used to be a, "skinny little shortstop who used to airmail balls over the first baseman's head."

He also mentioned he plans to eventually come back to Twins Fest in the future.

Plouffe played in 723 games for the Twins over his seven-year career, hitting 96 home runs, while maturing into a steady defensive player at third base over the last four seasons.

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