Watch Rep. Ilhan Omar on The Daily Show: 'I'm America's hope and the president's nightmare'

Rep. Omar told her story – from being a refugee to becoming a state rep. – to Trevor Noah.

"I am America's hope and the president's nightmare."

That's what Minnesota state Rep. Ilhan Omar said to The Daily Show host Trevor Noah during an interview, which aired Thursday night (watch the full extended interview below).

It was in response to Noah describing Omar's story as one of the "most fascinating" he has ever come across, noting she's a refugee from Somalia who is Muslim and a woman.

"You are everything that President Trump seems to be against, and you are in government," Noah said, getting a smile from Omar and cheers from the audience.

Omar talked with Noah about her path from the Somali refugee camp to becoming a representative in the Minnesota legislature, including the vetting process her family went to to get into the United States.

"This country gave us hope, this country allowed us to develop our own identities, and to create our own home," Omar told Noah. "And we shouldn't look down on the next person that's trying to do that."

And before the interview started, she made sure to take a selfie with the host.

Here's the extended interview:

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