Sarah Huckabee Sanders' pronounced Amy Klobuchar's name really weirdly

Klobucker? Or Klobuchar?

Um, what was that name again?

Klobucker, according to White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders at a briefing on Wednesday afternoon.

She of course meant "Klobuchar," as in Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar, which is pronounced this way.

You can see the moment that Sanders makes the mispronunciation in the video below.

In fairness to Sanders, there are plenty of occasions where the "ch" is pronounced as a "k" sound in English, and we're all guilty of making mistakes at times even when using our native language (as our wonderful readers are only too happy to point out).

It could have been worse and she'd gone full John Travolta on Idina Menzel.

This would not have been worthy of mention except she was using Sen. Klobuchar to make a point, using Klobuchar's own words to criticize Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer for not confirming enough of the Trump Administration's cabinet appointments.

"I don't believe we should be holding nominees hostage," Sanders quoted the Minnesota senator as saying.

Klobuchar did say this on Feb. 7, according to congressional records, however, Sanders was also being a little disingenuous in how she used the senator's words to make the White House's case – as Klobuchar wasn't criticizing Democrats when she said that.

In fact, Sen. Klobuchar was directing her comments about not holding nominees hostage to Republican senator Ted Cruz.

Cruz had been holding off on approving U.S. Department of Agriculture nominee for undersecretary of agriculture, Iowan Bill Northey, in order to push for reforms to the Renewable Energy Standard.

Sen. Klobuchar called him out on this, saying Sen. Cruz has done this in the past as well, holding up appointments for ambassadors to Norway and Sweden, two positions "very important to Iowa and Minnesota because of our Scandinavian populations."

"And yet we went for years without ambassadors to those really important allied countries."

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