Watch: Sen. Al Franken's got a new Funny or Die series

It's about climate change. Oh, and David Letterman is in it.

Al Franken during his run for Senate, and early years as a U.S. senator, deliberately avoided anything that reminded people he was a comedian.

But he kind of seems to be over that.

Franken is the face of a new series for Funny or Die called Boiling the Frog, the first episode of which was released Monday.

Here's the YouTube link:

The title is a reference to the old boiling frog parable, about how the animal won't notice if you put it in tepid water and slowly turn up the heat. (It turns out that's completely false in reality, but that's why it's referred to as a parable and not just a fact.)

What it's about

Anyway, the entire point of the series is about addressing climate change. Franken uses a story about going to 32 doctors who all tell you you're overweight and need to stop smoking – but unsatisfied, you go to a 33rd who ways you're fine, ignore all the others.

He compares this to climate change, noting 97 percent of climate scientists agree it's real (a figure that's been backed up as accurate).

"What you and I need to do is prove that we're organized enough and persistent enough and passionate enough to force Washington to act," Franken says in this first video of the series, which he's doing in partnership with Years of Living Dangerously.

The videos will explore "the realities of climate change and the threat it poses to our very way of life."

There will be six episodes in total, Broadway World says, with each entry getting a different focus.

Hey, it's David Letterman

Also: They'll apparently be with David Letterman, who really likes Al Franken.

Letterman doesn't appear in this first episode, outside of in the teaser for the next one.

The two are seen chatting, with a still-bearded Letterman playing the role of host and setting up Franken to explain his take on the issue of climate change.

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