Watch: Sen. Franken and Bill Maher talk (and joke) about Trump's Supreme Court nominee

"This guy’s going to have to overcome a huge bar for me.”

Sen. Al Franken was on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher Friday night to talk (and joke) politics.

Franken's a Democrat and Maher tends to be more Liberal, so the two exchanged plenty of jabs about President Donald Trump and Republicans in general. Franken seemed to keep things fairly light, though.

Amidst the jokes and jabs, the two got into a discussion about the president's Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch.

When Maher asked about Franken's thoughts, the senator did not shy away from saying he would have favored someone like Merrick Garland – which is what Franken said when the nominee was first announced.

"I don’t want another 5-4 Conservative activist judiciary … that votes to Citizens United," Franken said. "So this guy’s going to have to overcome a huge bar for me.”

Franken went on to say he believes the pick was stolen.

"But what are we going to do about that?" the senator added.

Not long after, Maher dropped the subject and moved on to the topic of impeachment.

You can watch the entire clip below:

Franken has a history of being on shows with Maher – like Politically Incorrect, which ran in the 1990s.

You should really skim through this clip from 1997, because Franken looks pretty much exactly the same as he does now.

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