Watch: Skaters cruise down icy ski trails in Duluth

What do you do when the ski trail has turned to ice? Throw on a pair of skates.

Ahhh, March... that time of year when spring is so close we can taste it, but winter is not completely ready to let go. Snow melts, but then it gets cold again and turns the slush into ice.

Lester Park Ski Trails in Duluth are at that in-between, icy stage – but that didn't stop a group of friends from enjoying the trails.

They put on some skates and went for a fast-paced, downhill excursion. And of course, took a cool video while doing it.

Check it out:

Duluth Skate

I like it when the trails are dry. I like it when the trails have snow. But what about that in-between when it's ice? I still like that too :)

Posted by Andrew Kilness on Friday, March 24, 2017

We're not sure what exactly you would call this sport, but it looks a lot like Red Bull's Crashed Ice – and just as scary, if not more, considering nature made this course.

In the comments, Facebook user Andrew Kilness said it was "very fun and very scary."

Leave it to Minnesotans to find an ingenious way to enjoy the outdoors.

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