Watch: Soccer 'floppers' fall from almost head-butting each other

What happens when two soccer players almost head butt each other? They both fall down, of course.

It happens in most sports. It's called "flopping," faking contact by falling down to draw a penalty.

A website, amusingly called Fallon D'Floor, has for the past few years been calling out the world's worst sporting floppers by watching games and grading each flop, with sporting fans submitting their favorite submissions for consideration.

This is one of the most recent nominees, from Brazil, which was uploaded to YouTube by user Shalom on Sunday.

Verdict: From GoMN's resident soccer fan Adam Uren

Since moving to Minnesota, I've found Americans – particularly non-soccer fans – think that "flopping" (which we in Britain call "diving") happens far more often than it actually does, and quite often what they call a flop is in fact a genuine foul/trip/tackle.

That said, it still happens and when soccer players do flop, some of them really, really go for it.

The video above shows a common instance of players trying to get an opponent a red card. They know that any contact to the face puts an opposing player at risk of being sent off, so you will often see exaggeration even when there is contact.

In this case, there was zero contact, but the way in which they both reacted simultaneously has to be applauded, if their soccer careers end they may have a future calling in synchronized swimming.

Obviously this makes it hilarious, while setting the world's most popular sport even further back in the eyes of American fans. Good job, Brazil.

In my eyes though, nothing will ever, ever come close to this from another Brazilian, Rivaldo, who succeeded in getting a Turkish player sent off during the 2002 World Cup by doing this.

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