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Watch the moment a bomb explodes inside Bloomington mosque

It's been two months, but nobody has been arrested for the attack.

New video footage shows the moment an explosive device detonated in a Bloomington, Minnesota mosque.

The footage has been released publicly for the first time by the Council of Islamic Relations (CAIR), showing the terrified reaction of those inside the Dar Al Farooq Islamic Center in August.

The video shows people responding to what was initially a fire at the building, before a bomb that had been tossed through a window explodes, shaking the corridors and sending those inside fleeing for cover.

The footage has been released in the hopes it will help people come forward with information about who perpetrated the suspected terrorist attack.

The FBI is still investigating the attack but so far nobody has been caught for setting off the homemade bomb.

Mohamed Omar, the center’s executive director, did tell KSTP that FBI agents had shown him the photo of a white, possibly middle-aged or older man who they said was a person of interest.

"The man was no one I recognized and no one here recognized," Omar said.

He also told FOX 9 that two months later the community needs to know who did this and what motivated them.

"It blows, you can see it shakes the camera,” he told the station. “You can see it put a lot of cracks into the cement wall. Thank God nobody got hurt, but the one who did it wanted to hurt someone and wanted to kill someone.”

Minnesota governor Mark Dayton called it "an act of terrorism, a criminal act of terrorism against the imam who thank the good Lord was not present in his office as it would appear this person intended." 

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