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Watch the new Iron Fist trailer from Netflix's Marvel universe

The Iron Fist is the fourth piece of The Defenders – sort of a mini Avengers.

And there it is – the first extended look at the final main player in the Marvel/Netflix team-up series The Defenders.

Netflix Tuesday released a trailer for the new series Iron Fist. It focuses on Danny Rand (played by Finn Jones, who you might know from Game of Thrones), who "mysteriously returns to New York City" after being presumed long dead in a plane crash, and is "determined to reclaim his birthright and family company."

But the "living weapon" Rand runs into some enemy, and he has to make a choice between his family and responsibilities as Iron Fist, the description says.

It premieres March 17 on Netflix. Here's the trailer (which actually includes less punching than we would have anticipated):

The Iron Fist character is the fourth component of The Defenders – sort of the minor league Avengers.

The other members of the team are the other members that have a Netflix series: Daredevil, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones.

Netflix is planning a Defenders series with all of them, and it's supposed to come out this year. And Netflix, according to Movie Pilot, will bring those characters back for individual seasons again after The Defenders wraps up.

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