Watch the trailer for A Stray, about a young MN immigrant and stray dog

A new film follows young immigrant Adan on the streets of Minneapolis.

Wandering the streets of Minneapolis, Adan has nobody to turn to except a scruffy, stray dog.

This is the story told in A Stray, a movie shot in the Twin Cities and making its theatrical debut in Minnesota starting Friday, Oct. 14.

The film follows Adan, a young Muslim refugee who lives in Minneapolis' Somali community and has nowhere to turn after being kicked out of his family's home. He turns to a mosque, which lets him in – until he brings a stray dog in for the night, which his friends at the mosque consider impure. Adan is kicked out again, and forced to live on the streets with the newfound pup.

"I'll be patient, but do I have to wait for Heaven to find a home," a character in the trailer asks.

Check out the trailer here:

The film stars Barkhad Abdirahman, who appeared in Captain Phillips with Minnesota native and Oscar nominee Barkhad Abdi. It was written and directed by Musa Syeed.

He spoke to The Moveable Fest about A Stray a few months ago, after it premiered at SXSW, saying in part:

"I had been through Minneapolis on a road trip a few years ago and I was very interested to get to know more about this community [since] it was a community not a lot people knew about, or have a lot of representation in film. Even though it’s a fairly young community, it’s a built a lot of institutions — not just restaurants and mosques, but a museum and other things that helped really visualize the identity issues that are being navigated. Having all that made it easier to make the film real."

It got pretty favorable reviews after its premiere. Here are takes from Variety, IndieWire, Substream Magazine.

A Stray is playing at St. Anthony Main in Minneapolis every day through Oct. 20 – you can see showtimes and get tickets here. It'll get showings in New York next week.

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