Watch: The Weeknd releases epic short film "M A N I A"

The video has exotic cars, giant panthers, and only one murder!

Any more news updates about The Weeknd's Starboy should come with a double dose of beta-blockers, because we're reaching dangerously critical levels of hype here. With his album just days away from release, the Canadian sensation dropped a short film entitled "M A N I A" that's one part music video, one part album-teaser, and several parts mind-blowing. Plus, only one guy dies!

Directed by frequent Tesfaye-collaborator Grant Singer, dedicated Weekndrs should notice a consistent aesthetic and some reoccurring themes from the two previously released Starboy videos: "False Alarm" and the album's title track. "M A N I A" plays out like a medley, stringing together a series of vignettes accompanied by forthcoming Starboy cuts. "All I Know," the record's Future-collab, plays while the black panther from "Starboy" stalks around a sci-fi set, followed by a scenic drive through the hills to a Kendrickless snippet of "Sidewalks."

From there, things get interesting. Abel hits the club and shakes it with Anais Mali to the strains of "Secrets" before nearly getting shanked by some poor fool while the Lana Del Ray-assisted "Party Monster" plays. The only song we get in its entirety is the Daft Punk-featuring "I Feel it Coming," which plays over the video's credits as a blood splattered Tesfaye and Mali vogue it up.

Starboy drops Friday, so let's all try to keep our heart rates down until then.

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