Watch: Trevor Noah and Tomi Lahren debate on The Daily Show

"Why are you so angry?"

Credit: Comedy Central

This Daily Show interview is getting a lot of attention.

Tomi Lahren, TheBlaze host and conservative political commentator, appeared on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah this week, in which Noah asked the South Dakota native: "Why are you so angry?"

The extended 26-minute interview (watch it here) touches on Lahren's support for President-elect Donald Trump, Black Lives Matter, and her stance on Colin Kaepernick's protest during the national anthem.

The Atlantic commendedDaily Show host Noah for his "measured, respectful, and challenging" conversation with Lahren. Noah, who took over for Jon Stewart last year, has struggled to stand out among other hosts in late night TV, The Atlantic says, but Wednesday night's show may have changed all that.

"If Noah was looking for a specific episode that would help him break out in his crowded field, he may have finally found it," the publication says.

Days later, the interview is still getting a lot of attention on social media.

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