Watch: Truck nearly runs over a young girl after she gets off the school bus

The truck sped by the stopped bus, barely avoiding the young girl.

Minnesota public safety officials want everyone in the state to watch a "disturbing video" captured by a school bus dashcam in Rosemount.

It shows an 11-year-old girl coming within mere feet of being run down – and very likely killed – by a pickup truck after she stepped off her bus to go home:

The State Patrol credits the bus driver's "quick actions" with alerting the girl to the oncoming danger, and helping avoid serious injury or death.

The video is from last December, a spokesperson for the Department of Public Safety told GoMN, but they couldn't release the footage until the case had been closed.

The near-miss was not only a terrifyingly close call, but also a blatant violation of Minnesota law.

All vehicles have to stop for school buses when the bus driver activates the flashing lights and has the crossing arm fully extended, the law says.

But drivers frequently don't, leading to potentially deadly situations – including when a semi truck passing on the shoulder nearly killed a young student waiting for the bus (you can read that story by clicking here). 

Earlier this year, bus drivers across the state noted 703 stop-arm violations in a single day of work

On Aug. 1, the fine for failing to stop for a school bus went up – from $300 to $500. (You can read more about the new law right here.)

That's why the Department of Public Safety, along with the parents of the girl in the above video, are holding a press conference on the incident Monday afternoon. 

They'll be speaking about what happened at 3 p.m., in order to "send a message to other motorists about the importance of always stopping for school buses."

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