Water main break has Duluth asking residents to conserve


The city of Duluth is asking residents of some neighborhoods to conserve water.

Friday morning, the city posted to Facebook that a water main along Arlington Ave. broke. That main feeds water to the Arlington Reservoir, which supplies water to Hermantown and to the Duluth Heights and the Miller Hill areas.


The post says there will be no disruption of water service, but residents in those areas should conserve water through Saturday morning.

WDIO says that will help ensure there's enough water to last through the repairs. It will also give the reservoir enough time to fill up again.

You can conserve water by taking shorter showers and turning the water off while brushing your teeth. American Water and Energy Savers – which gives tips for saving energy and water – says you can also conserve water by only running clothing and dish washers when they're completely full.

To save more water long-term, the website suggests repairing any leaks or dripping faucets and insulating water pipes.

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