'We are still here': Bar crawl to help victims of Orlando shooting planned

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Looking to raise money and come together after the mass shooting at an Orlando night club, a Twin Cities LGBTQ group is hosting a bar crawl "to have a mass of queers marching from bar to bar, united as one."

The Emergency Minneapolis Queer Bar Crawl starts at 5 p.m. Friday, and will stop at five bars through 10 p.m., before wrapping up at Ginger Hop with an event to "celebrate queer communities of color."

The LGBTQ group Flip Phone is hosting the crawl. Among the goals:

Helping victims' families

One, to raise money for victims and their families through the Pulse Victims Fund page run by Eqaulity Florida, which has brought in more than $5.1 million so far. Forty-nine people were killed and 53 wounded at the gay club early Sunday. The suspected shooter was killed by police after a standoff.

At each of the six bars in the crawl, proceeds from specific drinks (so at The Saloon for example, it's Prairie Organic Vodka drinks) will go toward the victims fund.

There's no cover charge at any of the bars during their crawl time, but the organizers are asking anyone who participates to donate to the fund.

'We are still here'

And two, as an opportunity for members of the LGBTQ community to support one another during this "rough time."

"The events in Orlando are devastating, and members of the LGBTQ community are in pain and mourning," the Facebook event says. "We wanted a chance for members (and allies) to come together to support LOCAL queer establishments and pass along the message, WE ARE STILL HERE."

It's a message shared by other LGBTQ communities as well, including in Duluth, where the manager of Duluth Flame took to Facebook to say they "will keep celebrating, and we will do it with every single one of our customers in our hearts."

He wrote in part:

"On a Friday night at the Flame, you can feel the love in the air,
and as the manager of this space, I promise that will not change.
Our staff will not lose the smiles on their faces, our security guards will not lose their diligence in making you feel safe, and the environment that the people of Duluth have created will not change."

FOX 21 also reported Duluth police sat down with the club's staff to reiterate both their support for the club, and their dedication to keeping it safe.

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